STEM-CAN Supporters Principles

  • SCS is deeply convinced ‘it takes a community’ to educate its own youngsters maturely.
  • All SCS funds and efforts are motivated “For 100% graduation of caring students.”
  • All SCS efforts are approved by the clear authority of the local Public School Principal.
  • No one knows a school community’s needs and joys better than that community itself.
  • No one, no one, really cares as much about a community’s success as that community does.
  • All SCS funds are directed to enhancing cooperation within the Public School Community.

In Accord With The Above Principles…

The SCS Introductory Budget for each traditional neighborhood public school applying for financial help is about $6,000. This is merely the introductory or getting-acquainted budget, one-half of which is for direct assistance for STEM types of assistance for teacher classroom needs, projects, and programs: Visit Here

The remaining half of the budgeted introductory funds is directed to parent and school community efforts; for more on this half of our SCS support, please Visit Here.

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