Dr. Uhl’s Year-end Note to STEM-CAN Participants

December 21, 2018

Dear Southern Arizona Dedicated PS Educator:

As we arrive at the Winter Solstice and the sun is ready to start shining a bit longer each day, as the old year dies and the new one arrives, it’s a good time to look at how we have done so far this year, time to rejoice in our victories and learn from our defeats.

Thanks a lot for your personal dedication to students and staff at your school; I hope our STEM-CAN support helps you and all your staff accomplish more of what you wanted to accomplish this year.

The appreciative feedback I get from teachers and principals alike warms my heart and convinces me that we are seriously helping make our world here a better place. I hope and trust that the pride and joy that this brings to me is yours as well; let this pride and joy make it easier to slog through those very challenging days when victory seems distant.

Those tough and challenging days are the ones that often teach us to be more critical thinkers and how to find more productive ways to lasting victory.

Thanks a lot for your continued dedication to the most important job after parenting.

Your contributions to society are likely so subtle and gradual that no one is likely to go public with a big headline that says “THANK YOU!” Nevertheless, enjoy the new 2019 ride of 584,000,000 miles around the sun on our space ship earth with pride in your heart as you and all your staff see those subtle results of your efforts.

Those results will outlast you and me.

Thanks again,

“Dr. Steve”
Stephen Uhl, Ph.D.
President and CEO of SCS
“2 B happy, help others 2 B happy”

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