About Us

STEM-CAN Supporters, Inc., (SCS), founded by retired educators, recognizes that public school classroom teachers are essential for the success of all our youngsters. Effective classroom teachers are our most powerful partners (together with parents) in raising responsible, problem-solving, caring children. The SCS mission, the very basic reason for the existence of SCS, is to help the individual classroom teacher enjoy being more effective. We do this by funding individual Southern Arizona public school teacher projects that are beyond their classroom budgets.

STEM-CAN Supporters, run by volunteers and funded by tax-deductible donations, has no payroll expenses. All SCS funds are devoted to classroom teacher projects or programs proposed by the teacher and approved by the principal. The application for funding is a simple one page, principal-approved Teacher Assistance Proposal.

In school year 2017-2018, SCS funded 252 projects with $134,393.93; in school year 2018-2019, we funded 602 projects costing $331,500.63 (more than doubling the previous year). 

For school year 2019-2020, perhaps we can double again our direct support of our dedicated teachers following the refined GUIDELINES below. These guidelines will allow us to accomplish our mission efficiently and responsibly:

SCS GUIDELINES for funding conventional public school teachers’ proposed projects:   

1. We fund one project per teacher applicant per funding year (August 15 to March 15).   

2. We fund projects costing $60.00 to $600.01 up to a total of $10,000.00 per school per year.   

3. We fund only principal-approved projects. 

4. We do not fund travel related expenses. 

5. After principal's approval, applicant completes online application at:  https://stem-can.org/teacher-assistance-form. 

6. On approval, a gift check is made payable to your school.      

  • This check is mailed by USPS directly to teacher-applicant at his/her school address.

7. Applicant promptly delivers the check to his/her principal for appropriate processing.

8. ASAP Applicant verifies receipt of the check as follows:

  • Applicant writes email to stem-can@msn.com with Subject “Check # _ _ _ _ to Principal” stating: I delivered Check # _ _ _ _ to Principal of (school) ____________ (date) __________. (Please cc this email to your Principal.)

9. This prompt verifying email is required to complete the application process. 

Questions about the guidelines or process? EMAIL us at stem-can@msn.com. Deepest thanks to all who help our youngsters get a good start toward success,

Stephen F. Uhl, Ph.D.  

President and CEO of SCS  

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