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STEAM Robots

For our STEM-CAN scholarship, we bought Edison robots. We bought We have used them this year at least once a week-mostly more! We have used them to start a STEAM program in my class. We have 12 robots and each one is named after a different scientist, 6 females and 6 males, that come from different cultural backgrounds. We made a time line of the scientists, their main contribution and the years they were alive. The students use the names of the robots when they are using them. They have done coding lessons with bar codes and with the EdScratch program. We have incorporated many other topics into the robot activities such as diagrams and weather.
The class is doing incredibly, and we are thinking of how to improve the STEAM program.

Kellond Elementary School

Developing Growth Mindsets and Real-World Learning in the ELL/Refugee Mathematics Classroom

Please see above link for photos of our kids in action!

I am extremely grateful to have been supported by STEM-CAN for two years. My students are all English learners and come from many different countries and speak many different languages. With STEM-CAN’s support, I was able to purchase manipulatives to help my students “see the math” and also open a classroom store for my students to learn about real-life monetary exchange, as well as budgeting, spending (counting back change), borrowing, lending, etc. My students are engaged and love math as a result of the exciting things they are able to do in my class! THANK YOU STEM-CAN!

Amphitheater High School