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Teacher Assistance Proposal

To enhance your educational effectiveness STEM-CAN Supporters (SCS) is offering direct financial assistance to teachers 

in regular or traditional neighborhood public schools in Southern Arizona. If you are a teacher in such a traditional public school

(not charter nor magnet), you may apply for up to $600. Your Principal's expressed approval of the project is necessary. (To electronically complete this form, set your cursor at each location of  *** , type your answers, and return as an email attachment with Subject line “Teacher Assistance Proposal.” Please cc your application to your Principal.)




(If you prefer .PDF format of this Teacher Assistance Proposal, CLICK HERE.)


PROPOSAL details:


  1. What is something that you would like very much to do for or with your students but you cannot currently afford to do it?



  1. In 200 words or less, describe this project, listing the estimated costs of the items of the planned project totaling up to $600.




  1. TOTAL cost of proposal ---***__


  1. My Principal reviewed and approved this project on or about (date Principal approved) ---***__


  1. Teacher/Applicant--***__ Room/grade--***__ email--***__


  1. Principal--***__ email--***__ Phone--***__


  1. Public School name--***___ District--***__


  1. School mailing address--***__


  1. Email this completed form to stem-can@msn.com, Subject Teacher Assistance Proposal, and cc your principal.


STEM-Community Action Network Supporters (SCS) --- basic principles:

SCS is deeply convinced ‘it takes a community’ to educate its own youngsters maturely.

All SCS funds and efforts are motivated “For 100% graduation of caring students.”

All SCS efforts are approved by the clear authority of the local Public School Principal.

No one knows a school community’s needs and joys better than that community itself.

No one, no one, really cares as much about a community’s success as that community does.

All SCS funds are directed to enhancing cooperation within the Public School Community